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Welcome to Techspeak, a Marketing and Branding company for technology-focused companies

Welcome to Techspeak

As a Software Engineer with a Computer Science Engineering degree, I am able to understand and explain technical solutions because I began my career architecting technology software solutions. 

In my experience as I have transitioned to marketing, the product solutions that are clearest to the customer have always resulted in the highest sales conversions.

When marketing doesn’t connect with the audience correctly, it translates to lost sales.

We can help.

As an Engineer turned Marketer, we get results.   How?  Simple.  A 7-step framework built to capture audience attention and take clients from curious to customer as we understand complex solutions easily.

We are passionate about Building Up and Supporting Women in Technology

We are passionate about Supporting Women in Technology.

Technology improves lives and studying the Engineering sciences teaches the ability to problem solve.

The ability to problem solve translates to Engineering, but also Marketing.

We believe there is more work to reach balanced diversity in the technology field.

For every project partnership, we provide a technology scholarship for women.

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